Make cardio into resistance training – Burn fat and tone muscles with a weighted vest

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May 6, 2014
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May 8, 2014
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Make cardio into resistance training – Burn fat and tone muscles with a weighted vest

Adding weight in the form of a weighted vest distributes the load evenly, and allows for faster and better results. Wearing this necessary tool changes your cardio workout to have a muscle building effect. makes it slightly more challenging to perform the movement, but does not create additional strain on the spine and shoulders (as can be the case with a rod or kettlebell).

Workout vests turns virtually any Cardio into a resistance exercise. The load increase the calori burn of your body movements more effective. It is an ideal option if you are just starting with exercising or want to change the training routines from time to time.

Running, Speed walking, biking, or hiking running is a dynamic cardio workout. When you add weight to them and continue to exercise at the same pace, the effect will be many times better. Weighted vests elevate cardio-vascular training to a higher levels.

One must be cautious to begin with a lighter load, and as you sure and confident, add progressive over-load with the plates to your vest. The goal of adding weight is to stress muscles, ‘activate them and make them work. The result of wearing the weighted vest will be visible after the first workout – your sweat will pour from you.

Try this routine:

Warm up –

10 forward lunges, 10 Reverse Lunges, 10 deep squats

Cardio resistance

Step climbing 3 floors x 3 rounds (easy pace)    3 floors x 2 round (Fast pace) 3 floors x 1 round (High intensity)
Always remember to cool down at the end of your workout

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