Start running in the new year with your new gear the Weighted Vest

Make cardio into resistance training – Burn fat and tone muscles with a weighted vest
May 7, 2014
Benefits of Running and Working Out with a Weight Vest
May 9, 2014
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Start running in the new year with your new gear the Weighted Vest

The 5 A.M alarm on a winter morning pushing you out of bed to get your running shoes on and hit the road. Every year serious and recreational runners all over the country kick off their healthy resolutions. Many stick to it while others fall off the wagon, and part of that is the body adapts quickly to running and there are slower improvements as the weeks go by.
How do we keep making gains and improving your body why not add extra weight in the form of a weighted vest and make your runs in to a challenging cardiovascular and strength building routine?

The idea is pretty simple: Slip on your weighted vest (loaded with 1/3 to 1/4 of your body weight is a good amount of weight to achieve a significant training effect),  and then start with a brisk walk, and work up to your running pace as the body adapts to a new form of load.  

What are the benefits of a weighted vest during the workout:

  • Higher calorific burn with the extra load. (Read here: Bodybuilders use weighted vest to look lean before competition)
  • big strength-building challenge for your glutes and hamstrings
  • increased Lung capacity
  • Engagement of core muscles to stabilize the body with load
  • Improved joint and tendon health using

 Keep in might when using a weighted vest

People with soft tendons or tendonitis have to be slow and gradual when including the weighted vest in their programme.

The weighted vest is a new load factor on the body, and just like any new movement or equipment in the gym you have to get adapted and confident before taking on higher loads. This is easy with our graded GorillaX power plates available in sets of 8 kilos12 kilos, and 16 Kilos .

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